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For The Love Of A Dog

the love of a dog

The love of a dog or any creature is something to be treasured for sure.

My dog Oxford is my buddy.

We share the love of the lake and it is awesome to watch him enjoy

it as much as I do

Sometimes I wonder why i was blessed with such a loving dog.

We did buy Oxford as a pup only because we had always wanted a Jack Russell

and  I was leaving my Mother alone for 4 months and that was her only request.

We lived in Nova Scotia at the time and I had a very short time before leaving

to find her a dog.

So I found a breeder of jacks not too far away and we were off.

Well there were cute 4 pups and how do you decide.

It didn’t take long though because one of the pups did something we had loved in a

former dog and that was snake crawl along the ground.

So Oxford was our new family member.

Oh what a sorry life we would lead without the LOVE OF A DOG.  :)


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Vedafor the love of a dog




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Hope all is well in your life

This is a re-blog from Dec 2013 with a few changes

It has been a long winter and lets hope Spring will start warming up.

If not may the warmth of your heart keep you warm

Be grateful everyday for what you do have




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