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A Daffodil In Bloom What A Nice Surprise Today Spring Is Here I Believe?

spring daffodil

Arrived home today from work and there greeting was a daffodil in bloom.

Finally I am feeling confident that Spring has arrived.  :)

This is only one of many flowers that should be blooming soon.

Went for a walk on the beach with Oxford my beach loving four legged friend.

Beautiful day here in Ontario.

Hope you had a great day


Leave a comment. Has Spring arrived where you live?

REMEMBER ‘ Opt To Adopt From Your Local Shelter’

Please consider an Older Dog  They come already

broke in to LOVE



opt to adopt

Brad Paisley ‘When I Get Where I Am Going’ With Dolly Parton

Feeling a little country today.

Brad Paisley and Dolly Paton

Hope you like it

Have a BLESSED rest of the week.


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Are you a country fan?

George Strait is my favorite :)

Remember ‘ Please Opt To Adopt From Your Local Shelter’

Make sure you check out those seniors they are already house broke and ready

to bless your home.  They ROCK……



opt to adopt a shelter dog

Happy Easter Everyone Have A Safe And Blessed Day

Happy Easter

Hppy Easter

Have a great Easter.

Remember Chocolate can be deadly for your best friend.

Some dogs seem to tolerate chocolate better than others.

BUT the best thing is NO chocolate at all.

And one more thing don’t give live pets like a rabbit to a

child at Easter

A Stuffed rabbit is much better alternative to the living one, 

no feeding or cleaning up after required.


Leave a comment. How was your Easter?

Remember ‘Opt To Adopt From Your Local Shelter’

Make sure you check out the older dogs they are GOLD



growing old


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