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Happy Easter Everyone Have A Safe And Blessed Day

Happy Easter

Hppy Easter

Have a great Easter.

Remember Chocolate can be deadly for your best friend.

Some dogs seem to tolerate chocolate better than others.

BUT the best thing is NO chocolate at all.

And one more thing don’t give live pets like a rabbit to a

child at Easter

A Stuffed rabbit is much better alternative to the living one, 

no feeding or cleaning up after required.


Leave a comment. How was your Easter?

Remember ‘Opt To Adopt From Your Local Shelter’

Make sure you check out the older dogs they are GOLD



growing old

For The Love Of A Dog

the love of a dog

The love of a dog or any creature is something to be treasured for sure.

My dog Oxford is my buddy.

We share the love of the lake and it is awesome to watch him enjoy

it as much as I do

Sometimes I wonder why i was blessed with such a loving dog.

We did buy Oxford as a pup only because we had always wanted a Jack Russell

and  I was leaving my Mother alone for 4 months and that was her only request.

We lived in Nova Scotia at the time and I had a very short time before leaving

to find her a dog.

So I found a breeder of jacks not too far away and we were off.

Well there were cute 4 pups and how do you decide.

It didn’t take long though because one of the pups did something we had loved in a

former dog and that was snake crawl along the ground.

So Oxford was our new family member.

Oh what a sorry life we would lead without the LOVE OF A DOG.  :)


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Remember ‘Opt To Adopt From Your Local Shelter’

Make sure you check out the golden oldies


Vedafor the love of a dog




‘Hosanna In The Highest’ Amen Lord

Palm Sunday

Blessings on the beginning of this Holy week of prayer and reflection



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